• Preparatory Year (PYP)

    We aspire to gain the trust of Higher Education policy-makers. Consistently achieving satisfactory levels of professional performance, achievable only, by following a quest-for-excellence policy, which we cling to in all the services we render. our tasks are:

    - Administering the PYP competently through setting up and providing professional management hierarchies.

    - Recruiting qualified teaching staff members.

    - Designing specialized and distinguished syllabuses and training portfolios.

    - Raising the students’ awareness and capabilities through holding training sessions to improve their thinking and creativity skills
    - Human resources management

  • Administrative and Educational Programs

    We are fully committed to presenting carefully planned and well-designed specialized programs in the following areas:
    - Administration and leadership
    - Self-Improvement
    - Human resources management
    - Accountancy and finance
    - Computing and information technology
    - Customer relations, marketing and media
    - Engineering and maintenance
    - Security and occupational safety
    - Legal counselling and contracts

  • Counselling Services for UK Immigration

    We present counselling services for UK Immigration :
    - UK Immigration has become quite complex and restrictive, with employment now requiring a work permit (Tier 2 Visa) sponsored by an employer with a Sponsor License.
    - There are also options for investors and entrepreneurs to obtain UK Visas and a fast-track route to Indefinite Leave to Remain and Citizenship in specific situations.

About Us

UK Fusion Global Service is a British Company that strives to qualify institutions and individuals (whose willingness and ambition to improve their abilities are infinite) for proceeding in a knowledge era that does not compromise on high quality and professional standards. The company works in the production and spread of specialized knowledge in: - Education and training for individuals and institutions. - Operating and improving educational and training facilities. - Conducting studies and research and providing specialized counselling. - Organizing conferences, seminars and specialized gatherings.


Our Vision

Unprecedented professionalism in the building of a knowledgeable society


Our Mission

We strive for equipping individuals and institutions with educational, training and counselling services and for operating and improving related facilities to efficiently contribute to the sustainable societal development, armed with professional experts and strategic partnerships that activate the latest internationally accredited criteria, technologies and models.


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